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What does a web site do for you?

A web site keeps your business, service, or message available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and it doesn't get thrown in the trash with or without being read. Let people find out what you offer when THEY want to know it. For calls that come in when you are unavailable, have your message machine or answering service direct them to your web site to get the information they need. Having a completely developed web site is even better than being open for business around-the-clock because you are open to people right in their own homes, offices, cars, on vacations, or wherever they may have access to the internet.

Be found by local customers/clients

More people than ever are searching the web to find out what local businesses are offering and where to find them. Not everyone looks first in the yellow pages any more. So, even if you are local and your customers will be local, you have information they may want to find online before they visit or call you. If you're not taking advantage of the opportunity to be found online, your competition very well may be which could mean a customer who visits your competitor instead of you.

Your web site can contain a lot of information, more than you could reasonably include in a yellow pages ad or even in a newspaper or magazine ad. A restaurant, for example, could actually include menu items, prices, directions, and other information that someone would normally have to phone in to get. And we all know those calls tend to come in when everyone in the restaurant is really too busy to answer the phone. There are similar benefits to web site creation for almost any kind of business. Want some ideas of what they might be for your business? Fill out the contact form and tell us what business you're in and we'll share our ideas with you.

Save on printing and advertising costs

For what you'd spend on a brochure and distribution costs, you can get a web site. Does that mean you'll never spend any advertising or printing dollars? No, but it does mean they will be smaller dollars ... spent to drive people to your web site for all your up-to-date information. Instead of an expensive brochure, choose a high quality full color business card or postcard with your web site address featured on it. Business cards are the best advertising dollar you can spend. They are easy to pass out, easy for people to keep, and an ideal way to acquaint people with your web site address. And, for your print advertising (such as newspaper ads), you can choose a smaller, less expensive ad designed to publicize your web site address where readers can go to get all your great information.


Last updated: February 2020