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How Much Does It Cost?

From a few hundred dollars for a simple site to several thousand dollars, web sites come in many configurations. We can only give a general idea of the cost for a site if we know the specifics of what would be included. In general, our prices compare very favorably with other sources for web design/development.

Site hosting fees for those on our managed hosting program are $15.00 per month with maintenance performed on an as-needed basis at an economical per hour price with no minimums.

We'll be happy to respond with a best guesstimate if you can supply us with some information. You can do that by calling us at 530-644-5752 if you are in the El Dorado County area in California or at 1-800-41-IDEAS if you are out of the area or in another state in the U.S.

Better yet, fill out the form below to give us the information we need to respond to you. Tell us anything you think will help us to understand what kind of a site you are expecting. If you are directing us to other websites, just type them without the http:// part as we do not allow that in a form entry due to spammer attacks.

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Last updated: February 2020