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This is a project of The Idea Factory in Pollock Pines. Quite a few years ago, we designed, published and distributed 10,000 directories to our extended community to encourage people to patronize local businesses and to provide a quick place to find some important phone numbers. Postage and printing expenses made it an easy decision to move this project to the world wide web. It is a work in progress as we work on increasing the content when we can. We very promptly attend to free listing requests and other requests that come in to the site. We get inquiries about the area from outside the area asking about what is available in our area.

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If you live in the area covered by this project, your business may be eligible for a free listing. Check it out by visiting this page. The eligibility requirements are contained in a link on the left hand side of the page. And if your business needs a website or a beautiful four color business card, please contact us.


Last updated: February 2020