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Welcome to The Enchanted Forest's Unicorn Dream Shop ... where dreams are made

Palamino unicornTake a deep breath, feel the yearning of your heart to be free, and allow your mind to shake off the shackles of responsibility. Imagine what it should be like to be a child and let your dreams take wing.

Now ... fly across endless continents and turquoise seas. When you have reached a place where dragons rule the sky and the magic of unicorns bring the trees to life, you have reached The Enchanted Forest.


The fantasy animal-portrait sculptures of the Unicorn Dream Shop allow you to touch your dreams. Reconfirm your love of horses or delight a young equestrian with the essence of the horse. Capture the beauty of a powerful big cat or the spirit of bear with a fine art animal-portrait sculpture.

Exquisitely detailed and life-like, these fine art sculptures are hand sculpted and signed by the artist. Each porcelain-ceramic animal portrait is finished in artist's oils or non-toxic acrylic paints. Because The Enchanted Forest masks are hand sculpted and painted one at a time, no two are exactly alike.

Grace the walls of your home or office with these original works of art and let your spirit soar. The fantasy art masks from The Enchanted Forest are the perfect gifts for the animal lover or art lover. Let my sculptures take you to the fantasy realm of childhood joy and imagination, reaffirm the power of the spirit, or remind you that you may have to grow up but you don't have to get old.

Custom requests are accepted. A horse portrait can be sculpted and painted from your photograph to immortalize a favorite horse. Or, chose an unfinished horse, unicorn, dragon or animal portrait sculpture to be custom painted in your choice of real or fantasy colors. Other animals available by special request.